We are aiming to use this site as an area to continue our discussions outside meetings, to share and create documents, and provide a virtual forum for further excellence in teaching at Middlesex.

Current Teaching Fellows
Art & Design Business School Media & Performing Arts Law School Science & Technology Health & Education IWBL & Services Overseas campuses
Julie Haddock-Miller Francois Evans Maureen Spencer Carl James-Reynolds Caroline Sargisson Paul Gibbs Mick King
Sukhbinder Barn Helena Wray George Dafoulas Tina Moore Maggie Butt
  Simon Best Susan Pascoe Kate Wilkinson Kate Brown Steve Chilton
  Mary Hartog   Susan Scott-Hunt Serengul Smith Venetia Brown Carole Davis
  Erin Sanders-McDonagh Alison Megeney Marion Taylor Vanessa Hill
        Phil Barter Kathy Wilson Gillian Lazar
          Sheila Cunningham Kirsteen Macdonald
          Patricia Cartney Nicky Torrance
          Leigh McCready Pauline Sumner
          Clare O'Donoghue Marion Syratt-Barnes
          Trish Hafford-Letchfield
          Ruth Miller  

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