Creative and Experiential Learning
On 11 February 2014 the Teaching Fellows meeting had 2 presentations on 'Creative and Experiential Learning'.
Firstly Alan Durrant (Jewellery) introduced a short video from the Khan Academy, before chairing a discussion on the value of such a teaching approach.

Then George Dafoulas (Computer Science) talked through his work facilitating creative learning.

Moving to Moodle
On 11 December 2013 the Teaching Fellows meeting consisted of 4 presentations by Middlesex Teaching Fellows on how their moodle presence was developing, and first impressions of the move to moodle.
Firstly Francois Evans (Music), who has been using moodle for 5 years, gave some good tips as he ranged through layout, tools, issues and the future.

Then Phil Barter (Sports Science) talked through his work at both programme and module level, with an emphasis on assessment.

Thirdly Steve Chilton (CAPE) explained how Noha Saleeb (S&T) is using moodle in her innovative DE programme Building Information Modelling Management (BIMM).

Finally, Ruth Miller (WBL), who acknowledged she is a 'beginner', discussed her work on a DE programme and module which is delivered together on moodle.